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Time Management II

Eccl 3:1: To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under, the heaven. Welcome. We shall continue on the above topic we commenced last week. Today we shall continue on what steals our time in other words our life without us noticing. Please if you did not read last week’s edition, ensure you get it and read for you to get a proper picture of where we are coming from.

First and foremost is poor planning. God does not want us to live by correction but by instruction. Please imagine a student who goes to the examination hall well prepared but did not follow instructions. Such a student will definitely miss it even though he or she may have an understanding of the course quite well. Just because of that singular action of not adhering to instruction may lead him to repeat that same examination the next year; you are talking about 365 days after. In all that you do you must plan well. Don’t be in a hurry but plan well. Always have it at the back of your mind that life is a marathon race and not a hundred meter dash, so you must plan itwell. I have heard some Christians say the will of God must be done hence there is no need to plan. I simply tell them that it is a lazy approach to life. You must task your brain to plan. If you don’t need to plan, then God will not have put brains in your head. The brain is there to enable you think and plan well.

Secondly is procrastination. It is often said that procrastination is the thief of time. What you can do today, why must you leave it till tomorrow? Whatever your hand finds to do, do it well. Don’t differ what you should do today till tomorrow for the duties of tomorrow is there for you tomorrow. Read that book today, clear that desk today, make that report today and don’t leave it till tomorrow. Procrastination simply put is the thief of life.

Thirdly is personal disorganization. When you live a disorganized life, you waste time. This is because what you ought to achieve in two hours of proper organization you end up achieving in more than eight hours because you are not organized. Always remember that whatsoever introduces disorderliness into your life reduces your productivity as a person. Anyone you allow into your life who is not organized will eventually waste your time. Not only are you to be organized but you are not to allow anyone who is not organized entrance into your life. Life is too short than to be spent, make sure you invest it wisely. How do you keep your books, shoes, kitchen, room and your office? Are you organized? The time you spend looking for files in you computer and offices is as a result of your not being organized does not worth it. If only you can simply go to where it is and pick it up.

Failure to be mentored or counseled by matured mind or people is another way of wasting life. Always remember that there is nothing new under the heavens. What you are doing now has been done by someone else before so why don’t you seek for counsel or read of other people’s experience. It is said experience is the best teacher but it need not be your own. If someone had passed through a path before and have fallen then why should I fall on that same path when I can simply avoid it by seeking for counsel. The time we spend in rework in most cases does not worth; hence seek counsel to allow wastage of life.

Lack of disciple in sleeping and eating cannot be over look. It is good to sleep and eat well to be refreshed and re-vitalized for the next assignment however, the reason why we are alive is not to sleep and eat. We need to be disciplined with sleep and food. Many people have wasted their life due to uncontrollable sleep and eating habit. A little sleep and a little slumber and you see poverty come over you as an armed robber. Your sleeping and eating habit must certainly be controlled.

Lastly beloved is the time we spend in watching television and entertainment generally. Paul said, all things are lawful but not all things and helpful. Why do you waste hours watching the imagination of another person put together at the expense of your own life? No way, you must always do a time audit to know, if it really worth it staying behind the TV for this long, otherwise review your position because time is too short to be wasted, please manage it well. Shalom!

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