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Transformed into Excellence 3

Excellence is sacrificial, it takes effort, it’s a commitment and when you cannot commit yourself to it, you become a mediocre, a second hand. It should be a habit, a habit is something you do often, a part of you, something you are known for, something you are identified with – that’s how excellent should be. It should be your habit, a part of you. It’s important we know how a habit is being formed. Let’s take for instance, as a man, I wake up 7am everyday to go to work and choose to change my waking habit to 5am because I want to live an excellent life; to study a bit and pray before I set out for work, my body will resist and complain because it’s used to waking up at 7am however if I continue to use an alarm or someone wakes me up by 5am, in 21 days, my body will get used to it. That’s how it works; it takes 21 days to form a new habit.

What you should know is that productivity is not an accident but a result of commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort. The bible says “a wise woman will build her house but a foolish woman with her hands will pull it down”. It is not an accident when your house is in order – it takes effort. It takes effort to make excellence because it’s visible. When David was to be anointed as king over Israel, Samuel stood and looked at the brothers of David; he said “this is the anointed of the Lord” just by looking at his outward appearance. God said “men looks at the outward but I look at the inward”. As such, anything you do in the world of men must first attract the physical.

No matter how good a content may be, if the container does not portray excellence, it loses a significant value. The first thing that attracts to anyone is the appearance – the look. When a container looks shabbily, most times, it discourages further propping into content. As such, excellence should first be seen.

Today, we see a high level of indecency in the church; many in the name of Christianity are no longer excellence focused, many just do things anyhow, dress anyhow, talk anyhow and expect an excellent driven God to walk with them – No! It doesn’t work that way. Many years ago in my fellowship in my university days, the spirit of God directed us to pray for all the sisters who were trusting God for marriage partners and all these sisters were told to stand up to be prayed for but as we were praying and about to start laying hand, the Spirit of God asked to me to stop and look at the sisters we were upstanding, I saw how the sisters all looked, shabbily – no packaging – nothing. Even me, who was one of the fellowship coordinators, is not likely to select any amongst them for marriage. I am not saying that sisters should dress seductively – No! There is a difference in dressing seductively and dressing beautifully – just put a touch of excellence. Put on beautiful wears that fits your style, don’t just wear anything because you think it’s good or beautiful. Listen, every good or beautiful thing is not for everybody; look out for the ones that is good for you – the ones that make you valuable and appreciative – be excellent driven.

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