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Transformed into Excellence 2

Becoming excellent is a gradual result of always striving to be the better you, making conscious effort to improve yourself. A lot of people talk of discrimination of all sought and forget the fact that excellence over powers all discriminations. Excellence is the only antidote to any form of discrimination or racism because nobody doubts excellence – it is visible, it can be seen, it can be felt, it can be touched, it lasts because it is original.

Some people who have become pillars in their offices, no matter the decision to dismiss officers; they are reserved because they work with the spirit of excellence. Daniel is a good example; In Daniel 5:12, the bible says “In as much as an excellence spirit and knowledge and understanding, interpretation of dreams and showing of hard sentences and dissolving of doubts was found in the same Daniel”. Here, the first thing that was found in Daniel was the spirit of excellence and this stands him out. Amongst all the things listed about him, excellence was the first that was noticed. This is because excellence is visible. There are no missing things in the bible; there is no mistake with God and His word because God is a perfect God; excellence in the life of Daniel could not be wished away.

Excellence overcomes any form of discrimination because it makes you stand out, it separates you from others, it reserves and preserves you – you become untouchable. When you operate in the spirit of excellence, it helps you break barriers; it helps you overcome competitions without violence. When you work in excellence or operate with the spirit of excellence, you win battles without engaging in physical combats. You don’t need to fight your competitors or rivals in business; all you need to do is to constantly make a conscious effort to improve yourself and what you do.

Excellence requires that you develop a habit of doing little things in a big way. I have seen people who expect big things when they really cannot do the little ones well. Listen, people who complain of doing little things are quite little to do big things. Becoming excellent in what you do is not as expensive as many think; it’s not for the rich only. It’s for every child of God. When you do little things excellently well, you become expensive; you become valuable, precious – that’s the reward of excellence.

Microsoft, Apple, Google, Face book, Coca cola, and many are all valuable organizations today because they have excellence in focus – all it cost these firms to get to where they are is the mindset of excellence. So, as a fashion designer, styles done by others shabbily, must be done well – put that touch of excellence! As a barber or hairstylist, the cut or style that others do ordinarily, do it extraordinarily! As a child of God, operate with excellence in your place of work, home, church and everywhere you find yourself. The world we live in does not appreciate mediocrity, so, you must strive to be at the top because the bottom is overcrowded.

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