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Transformed into Excellence

Beloved, the God we serve is a God of excellence; he is a God of absolute excellence, everything he created is excellent. When you look into the scriptures in the book of Genesis 1:10, the bible says “And God called the dry land earth, and the gathering together of waters he called seas, and God saw that it was good”, another version of the bible says, excellent. That is what God called all he made – good. Whatever God does is good, perfect, flawless, and faultless. With him there is no better, there is no best; his good is the best, it can’t’ be improved on because he is a perfect God, the same yesterday, today and forever. He is the only wise God and anything and everything he has created is excellent.

When you look at the clouds, the sun, the moon, the waters, the hills, the mountains, the trees in the forest, you will see excellence in all of them; they are all placed excellently well. He is a God of excellence not a God of mediocrity hence because lion will beget lions, dog will beget dogs; God also will beget gods. We are gods, psalm 82:6 says, “Ye are gods”. We are gods because we are born out of God.

One of the ways to determine the paternity of a child is the DNA. This means if someone is born out of you, he or she will have your DNA and if you are born out of someone, you will have the person’s DNA – that is why I have the DNA of my father and that is why you have the DNA of your father. As such, when you got born – again, when you honestly surrender your life to Jesus – the son of God, you have spiritually contracted the DNA of God, so when your blood is checked, the only thing that will be seen is the DNA of the most high God and if indeed God is a God of excellence, then you his childmust be a child of excellence, except you are a bastard.

When you move further in the same Genesis 1:12, the bible says “And the earth brought forth grass, the herbs that yield seeds according to its kind and the tree that yield fruits according to its kind and God saw that it was good”. The truth is every sincere child of God must carry the DNA of God which is the DNA of excellence. In everything we do as children of God, we should be excellent.

Excellence is simply doing little things in an extraordinary ways, doing ordinary things perfectly well. Every little thing you do should carry the mark of excellence. Whether you speak, dress, walk, laugh, dance etc, you must do it extraordinarily well because that is what you are – a person of excellence. That is the desire of God for his children, he doesn’t want us to have the mediocre mentality; he wants us to be excellent in everything we do in life.

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