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About Us

At Dominion Voice, we pursue the advancement of society and economy through effective relationship building using social, cultural, religious, and technological tools. Our mission is to build relationships that profit, maintain relationships that support, and sustain mutually beneficial relationships.

We focus on the power of relationships to improve lives in three thematic areas: Marriage/Dating, Career/Business and Community impact.   

Dominion voice works in partnership with homeless shelters to provide the homeless with clothes and food and then take them through building better relationships that will improve their relationship, employability status and community contributions. We discovered that one major cause of poverty, failed marriages/relationships, and homelessness is a failed relationship.

About Project 12 Baskets

We are guided by the story and lessons of the Good Samaritan, who was commended for offering help to a needy person not considering his religion, race or cost.


In Alberta, thousands of homeless and poor in our community are hungry and homeless, and they need our support and help.

We seek to provide weekly meals and personal career materials to the hungry and homeless in shelter homes.

We will use the opportunity to counsel and invite them to our other financial empowerment projects, where they will be taught and informed about how to remove themselves from the plight of being poor.

The PROJECT 12 BASKET is about how a small supply was able to feed a multitude of people. This teaches us that what we can give is enough to create a significant impact.


Our Core Values In Project 12 Baskets

  • Love

  • Empathy

  • Empowerment

  • Support

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