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Living By Principle

Our God is an orderly God, who does all things decently. He holds all things by the power of His word. He does not do things without a purpose and when He does things he does them at the right time and in good proportion. During creation, He did not create man before creating all other things but He created all things before creating man. He is an orderly God.

Just like Him, He desires us to be, because we are His children. He desires us to put up this attribute also in us, knowing fully that whatever introduces disorderliness in our lives ultimately reduces our productivity. Our Father in heaven is a productive Father and He desires us also to be productive in all that we embark on. However, we cannot attain this feat without us being principled in life. Whatever God desires us to be, we have our own part to play in it. We cannot live our lives anyhow and expect all to be well. We cannot operate a rule that is contrary to that of the kingdom and expect things to fall into shape.

Beloved, we must know the difference between the “Person of Jesus” and the “Principles of Jesus”. The person of Jesus highlights who the Son of Man is, His ways of holiness, righteousness and upright living. The way everyone should live his or her life if we actually wants to make heaven. While the principles of Jesus are the truth of His Person. The general truth of His Name. This truth when acted upon by anyone, be you a Christian or otherwise will certainly work for you.

These principles are in His word. For instance He highlighted a principle, which is “Give and it shall be given unto you.” This is a principle that if acted upon by anyone, will give you the desired result. When you give, it shall be given unto you. So therefore, anyone who desires to grow by the supernatural ability from above and not by hardwork alone must operate that principle of Giving.

A principle is a general truth, rule or law according to the popular oxford Dictionary. We as children of God must make every effort to discover this various principle hidden in the word of God, thereafter operate them. Many at times we yell, fast and pray for hours over issues that have been settled by God, through His principles in the word. Please note that God will not because of your ignorance break a single principle of His word. Forever oh Lord thy Word is settled in heaven. We all are expected to study the word so that we may know what to do. The mother of Jesus in John 2 at the marriage ceremony attended by Jesus and His disciple said to the people when they ran out of wine, “whatever He says to you, do it”.- John 2:5. Simple but very powerful instruction, whatever Jesus says you should do to get the desired result, don’t agonise, don’t rationalise, don’t think twice on it, just do it. As you do your part, you can be sure He will do His part.

Beloved what has he instructed you to do? Does it sound out of place? Just do it. Naaman was told to take a bath seven times and his leprosy will be cured, thank God he heeded to counsel, he did it and he was healed. You may ask what relationship has leprosy with bathing. Well, the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men-1cor 1:25. We all must live on the principles of the Word or else we would not have the desired result we intend to have. Many at times we attribute this to the devil but quite unfortunate the devil is not as strong as we portray him to be, it just our ignorance of Gods working principles. A man’s ignorance is his mountain. Anything you are ignorant of automatically becomes your master. Whereas on the order hand, any thing you are knowledgeable about cannot master you. A man is enslave to what masters him.

For a happy marriage and peaceful home a key principle is highlighted in 1Pet 3: 1a&7 which reads, “Likewise you wives, be submissive to your own husbands, Please note wives, no matter how terrible your husband is you will eventually win him, if only you will operate the principle of unconditional submission in all that you do. Likewise verse 7 reads, likewise your husbands, dwell with them with understanding, giving honour to the wife.

As a man, do you desire to get the best from your wife, then take time to understand her, she must not be the only one to understand you, honour her, among your friends, relations and especially in public functions. Furthermore love her as Christ love the church. Don’t love your job above her. Let your love for her be unfailing and unconditional. Yes, your job is important, nevertheless, the time you ought to express your love to her must not be substituted for something else, you must love her.

Apart from the principles of the word, as children of the Most High, we must be principled in our day to day activities. We must be known for some certain things in life. We cannot afford to live our lives anyhow. We must be principled in all areas of life, in dressing, finances, eating, talking and our conduct. If we aim for nothing than we hit at nothing. Samson was not principled when it came to the issue of opposite sex and he had himself to blame, he blew off a wonderful destiny. Joseph was principled on the same issue and he not only saved his destiny but the life of a whole nation.

Friends, it’s profiting to live by principles in life so that we all may have a productive life that is decent and orderly. SHALOM

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