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You Shall Be Remembered II

Great week it is. The Lord is good all the time, and He makes all things beautiful in His time. My bible tells me that all things work together for good for they that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. All things are created to function and work together for our good as believers. Yes, all things may seem not good at times but the scripture tells us that they ultimately work together for our good on the long run.

Last week we commenced a teaching on the above topic. To enable you get a good picture of the entire teaching, kindly get and read last week’s write-up. Nevertheless, last week we highlighted the fact that there is a ladder, which everyone must climb, there is a shoulder on which everyone must sit that will take you from where you are now to your final destination. That is the place of destiny. Joseph was forgotten in the prison until the butler remembered his wrong and mentioned him to Pharaoh then he was lifted from the prison to an exalted position in the Land of Egypt even though he was not an Egyptian. Even though it did not cost the Egyptian a dime, it made the whole lot of difference in Joseph’s life.

Further to this is the fact that God must remember you. Apart from the fact that someone must remember you, far above that, is that you must be remembered by God.

Gen 8:1 reads “Then God remembered Noah and every living thing, and all the animals that were with him in the ark. And God made a wind to pass over the earth and the water subsided”.

Please note the first statement in this verse, which says, and God remembered Noah and other animals that were with him in the ark. Does it mean that God forgot them before? NO, NO, NO. God did not forget, however when we pray we hasten the hand of God in accomplishing issues concerning us in the direction we desire it to go. God is the all-knowing God, nevertheless He said we should ask of Him and command Him as it relates to the work of His hand. You can actually bring the future to the present as you remind him of his promises. When you bend your knees, He remembers you and there comes a performance. If God did not remember Noah, probably they would have still remained in the Ark. I pray today that in your time of wilderness,the Lord will remember you and make you a flourishing land in Jesus name. When God remembers you then the lines fall unto you in pleasant places; when you make mistakes, people say it is a style.

When the Lord remembers you then you become a delightful land, a joy unto many generation. You become an answer to the prayers of this generation. The Lord will remember you in your time of lack and abundance in Jesus name.

Friends, you can actually position yourself to be remembered by what you do today. Don’t forget that everything you do today is a seed that will lead to a harvest tomorrow. You can actually determine your harvest tomorrow by the seed you sow today. You can determine what you will be remembered for, how and in what circumstances you will be remembered . You cannot live a wicked and ungodly life today and expect to be remembered for good in the future. Every man will be remembered for whatever seed he sows. Joseph sowed the right seed, so did Noah sow the right seed before the Lord, that was why he was preserved. You actions today will determine what you will be remembered for. That sinful woman came to the Lord Jesus with an expensive perfume, she broke it, washed the feet of Jesus with her tears and cleaned Jesus’ feet with her hair, and up-till today, She is still being remembered. Rehab the Harlot was remembered because she spared the lives of the spies that came to spy the city of Jericho. She and her household were saved.

Friends, you will be remembered for your actions of today. Your gifting, talent and those God given abilities shall be remembered in the day of opportunity. The question now is what are you doing with it now? Is it lying fallow and not attended to? You surely must do something with it now lest in the day of remembrance it may not be able to make the necessary impact, as it ought to make to take you to that place that is called “there”. Please get it right;it is the seed you sow today that enhances your remembrance tomorrow. However you need to pray that your cloud, which is heavy, will release your rain. You shall be remembered! Shalom!

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