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Living Via The Revealed Word Of Prophecy.

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Life is too short to be endured, it is meant to be enjoyed. God’s desire for all His children is to be in His presence at all times and also to enjoy the fullness of His blessings in whatever thing we do. However, being in the perfect will of God is what brings about the lasting peace and enjoyment one may desire. For everyone, there is a pathway that is channeled out. Though we may resemble and go through the similar thing in life but our experiences and attitude differs from one another. There is a spoken word from heaven concerning each and everyone, which has to be discovered and followed closely to be who God wants us to be. Heb 8:5b reads…For He said, “see that you make all things according to the pattern shown you on the mountain”.

This was a divine instruction given to Moses as he was about to build the tabernacle. He was to ensure that he built in line with the pattern shown or revealed to him on the mountain that is in God’s presence. Friends if God could be so concerned about the structure the tabernacle takes then you and I being living temples are paramount in His programme. God has a pattern for each and everyone of us. He does not wants us to try to be like another person, knowing fully that if you try to be, the best you can be is number 2.

The revelation of this pattern in life is what is known as prophesy. A divine word from heaven revealing a known or unknown area of our lives by the supernatural ability of the Holy Spirit. For each and every one of Gods children there is a revealed prophetic word that has gone ahead of him or her. The earlier this is known and keyed into, the better for such an individual. Remember that life is too short for anyone to joke or play around with. I have heard several times, people making comment as “I know what God wants me to do, but I’m just being stubborn, but I know I will ultimately do it”. What a statement! Such people don’t know that they are simply delaying their destiny and denying themselves of God’s fullness and assistance in their lives. When you move outside Gods will, be it in marriage decisions, job career and other major decisions in life, you can be rest assured you don’t have Gods backing in it. Please note that God is not bound to pay for whatever he has not ordered for. Since you embarked on that journey at your own expense, then you must be willing to foot the bill.

However, on the other hand, when you stay in Gods prophetic word or revealed plan you can be sure that you will have heavenly assistance in whatever you do. You would ride to achieve on the wings of prophecy. If Gods word has gone ahead of you in that marriage, you can be sure that whatever the trials may be, you will ultimately excel. You can never have Jesus in a boat and expect it to sink, it is not possible.

1 Tim 1: 18 reads, this charge I commit to you, son Timothy, according to the prophecies previously made concerning you, that by them you may wage a good warfare. This is the saying of Paul to Timothy. There were some prophecies previously made concerning Timothy on the kind of life he was expected to live and who he was meant to be, nevertheless, there will be certain things that may want to work against it, hence he need to fight or wage a good warfare to ensure this words come to pass in his life.

Beloved, for the fact that this revealed word, having the backing of heaven has gone forth does not necessarily mean that every thing will now go smoothly, no infact in most cases it may come out to be really tough to accomplish the purpose of God in such instances. The flesh, your personal ambition, unguided taste for life and the things of the world, the devil and his agent will work to ensure that we do not align our lives to the prophetic word concerning us. Therefore, it becomes very important to wage a good warfare to see it being fulfilled as Paul instructed Timothy. We have to fight or else those words of prophecies maybe aborted.

As we enforce these prophetic words concerning our lives, grace flows towards and through us. Friends, what has God spoken to you and it looks like an uphill task to achieve, always remember that you can only find lasting fulfillment in those things he has instructed you to do. Furthermore, it is as you obey the first instruction that the next instruction surfaces. You cannot be living in disobedience and expect the approval of God on such a life. What is God saying concerning your marriage, career, and friends you keep? You may be having a witness on who He intends you to be and what He intends you to do, please do not wait for a dream or an audible voice before you act, Act now by faith, for without faith it is impossible to please God. Don’t walk by sight, but walk and live by faith. Keep at it, keep riding on the wings of prophecy. SHALOM.

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