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When The Going Gets Tough

It is a normal slang said by people “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. Yes, it could be true that it is only the tough that can get going when the going gets tough; however being among the rank and file of the tough takes a lot.

The stuff every one is made up of determine whether you will break or be made better under the different tough situations we find ourselves. The quality of a material determines its ruggedness or ability to last long. The quality of a material also determines the value that is placed on it. When gold is passed through fire, it becomes better because the fire purifies the gold; however when wood and straws passes through the same fire that purifies the gold, it consumes it. What makes the difference between these is the material or stuff they are made of. Beloved, it cannot be said in absolute terms that when the going get tough, tough get going because toughness are in degrees and the tough that get going is determined by the stuff of who gets going.

However, the question I want to pose to you today is, what stuff are you made of? Are you made up of gold, silver, wood, clay or straw? Yes you may be saying you are made of Gold, but it is not only enough to say you are made of Gold but the situation and circumstance will determine. Our God is a great God with outstanding valued quality that will not only stand for time alone but also for eternity so also is expected of us His children.

Since we are God’s children, we are expected to be made up of the same quality of our Father. Our Father is made up of a strong quality of His word. For you cannot separate between God and His word. Jesus said My Father and I are one. Since Jesus is the Word then the Word and Father are one.

This further reveals to us that what determine your being able to go through during tough period is the quality of God’s word that dwells in you. The scripture say, let the word of God dwell in you richly in all wisdom. When tough time comes, it is the word of God that dwells in you that will determine whether or not you will eventually sail through. One thing is certainly sure, tough time will come but with the living word of God in you, you are guaranteed of absolute victory.

This reminds me of the story of Peter, and the other disciples when they saw Jesus walking on the sea. They all said, it was His Ghost but Jesus told them it was He. Peter was however quick to say, if it is you Lord, bid me to come and Jesus said, “come”. Lo and behold, Peter began to walk on the sea. Please note that before Peter began to walk on the sea he had to first of all walk on the word that Jesus sent to Him, which is “come”. Peter was able to walk on the water because he was made of the quality of the word however immediately the quality of the word in him dropped, he began to sink. Doubt and fear will surely drop the quality of the word of God in any believer’s life. For every one of us in the kingdom to go through the tough times we meet, then we must have a good quality of God’s word in our spirit man from time to time.

It is not only enough to know the word in our heads, but we must have it as a working revelation in our heart and lives. Friends, the heat may increase, troubles may seem as though they multiply, but one thing that will see us through is the revealed word of God to us concerning that situation. When the word of God dwells in us richly, then you become tougher and tougher by the day. Your toughness is not only to make you stand but also to withstand and ultimately make you overcome.

The seed to overcome is in the word and when the word dwells in you richly, then the seed to overcome also lives, abides and grow in you richly. It is not possible to have the word of God dwelling in you and you will ever be swallowed up by any negative situation. Never. This is because Jesus is the word and for that situation to swallow Jesus up, I am so, so sure it is not possible. For all things were created by Him and for Him, Col. I:16. If the word created all things, then the created cannot consume or swallow the creator, it is impossible.

Friends, the living word of God is that which makes you go tough and get going when the going gets though. You just must be made up of that unique stuff which is the living revelational word of God. With the word living in you, you get tougher and become an overcomer. With the living word, when the going get tough, the tough gets tougher and going. Shalom!

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