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What Are You Doing There?

Positioning in life determines a great deal to the height every man will eventually get to in life. Your position determines your connection, while your connection determines what you ultimately collect in life. Your connection determines your contacts and a man is as rich as his contact.

A child of a wealthy man, for instance know that by virtue of his or her link to the father speaks volumes of what he has a or may have either by transfer of wealth or by inheritance. Furthermore, the class of people one keeps reveals the kind of friend one may have. Now if you are connected to the One who owns the cattle on the ten thousand hills, the One who says silver is Mine and Gold is Mine, the One who owns the heavens and the earth and all that is within with, then you should then begin to think in line with what is available at your disposal and the kind of contact that you have. If you are indeed a child of God then you are an heir of the kingdom, who is entitled to what belongs to your father in heaven. Remember, the streets of your Father are made of gold where the smallest of the houses is a mansion.

This little insight gives a clue to how rich your father is. Beloved, if your Father is this rich then you have no business being where you are, neither do you have any reason of thinking the way you think, neither do you have any ground to talk the way and manner you talk. Whenever you think and talk with a “defeative” attitude then you are not where you ought to be. The bible says you are seated with Christ in Heavenly places far above principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in heavenly places. This is the true position of where you are and you must see yourself in this very exalted position. However, anytime you think and talk as a man without this understanding you become like mere men.

Several times, I have shared the reality this position with groups of believers and part of the questions that is asked is: could it really, be true, and the answer is yes it is really true because there is nothing that is truth except the living word of God. You are who God says you are and you are seated where God says you are seated. Others ask could it be that easy; yes, it is that easy because it was delivered to us at the expense of the blood of Jesus. Jesus paid the price and declared on the cross; “it is finished”. Others ask further if it is true why don’t I experience it? The answer is you don’t experience it because you are breaking kingdom rule. Your mind is not aligned to the kingdom principles. Your mind must be renewed in line with the kingdom principles. There is a wavelength that every listener to the radio must be before he can get a particular station, so is it with you being able to be the person who God desires you to be. You must be at a particular wavelength that enables you to reach and walk in that position. Some of us get charged up after a major meeting or expository seminar once in a while to hook up to that wavelength, however after several challenges we break the flow of communication and get cut-off from that realm.

Remember James 1.25 says, but he who looks into the perfect law of liberty and continues in it, and is not a forgetful hearer but a doer of the work, this one will be blessed in what the does. Please note the word in that verse, which says and continues in it, the word continues, speaks volumes in the verse. If you don’t continue in that wavelength then you cannot be guaranteed of your inheritance. You are a star of the Most High, you are special in the assignment of God for this end-time. You are an object of envy even to Angels as they are yet to comprehend the reason why God loves you so much that He could humble Himself and confine Himself to human flesh and die for you. Yet you still see yourself as someone who is not worth living. Please note that if you see yourself as not worth living then you are not worth dieing for. It is because you have a life worth living that is why you are worth dieing for. Jesus died for you to give you a life worth living. Stop thinking the way you think about yourself as a nobody. You are indeed special and prime to the programme of the Most High. Get out of that mood of someone who is downcasted, and face the challenges ahead. You don’t have a problem all you have are challenges, which shall be brought low, by the strength of Christ that is available in you. What are you doing there? Get up and get going, the journey of a million miles start from the first step. Your mind is the first place the step is taken. Refocus your mind. Shalom!

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