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Value Placement

How much is it? Asked a prospective buyer. The amount was mentioned and a great surprise that such a small precious stone could worth so much. The prospective buyer nodes and prices a little lower than the proposed price and immediately the deal was consummated. What a surprise that a stone that is small could worth more than a car. This is a function of value.  The worth of anything is determined by the value placed on it; likewise the price of anyone is willing to pay on an item is directly proportional to the value he place on him.

Every logical individual is driven and directed by value. The value you place on whatever you do, determines the strength you channel towards it. It is a wise saying that whatever introduces dis-orderliness into ones life reduces his productivity. Anyone who cannot place value on what he does is not qualified to be an achiever. Since we live in a world wherein there is limited supply of resources, then there is need for value placement. 

Looking into the scriptures, we see examples of people who have not been able to place their values right for one reason or the other but later regretted it. One practical example is the man called Esau. Esau was a twin brother to Jacob who was later known as Israel. Though they were twin brothers, Esau was the first to be birthed. Hence by right he was qualified to be the carrier of the covenant blessing of Abraham. Just as we call the Most High, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, ordinarily, we should say the God of Abraham, Isaac and Esau. This was never to be because Esau could not place his values right in the sight of God. Gen 25:29-34 recalls the story of how Esau lost out the covenant blessing. He came back from the fields without a catch. He being a hunter, arrived home hungry in desperate need of food but alas the only food available was the one Jacob was preparing. Jacob taking advantage of the situation requested him to trade-off his birthright in exchange of the bowl of food and he said in Gen. 25:32-33 and Esau said, “Look, I am about to die; so what profit shall this birthright be to me? Then Jacob said, “Swear to me as this day,” So he swore to him, and sold his birthright to Jacob. Esau could not place value where it matters; hence he lost his right which later led to him loosing the covenant.

That singular action, made it possible, for heaven to permit the process of Jacob stealing the blessing when Isaac became old and his sight was lost. Esau cried bitterly to recover his position but it was never to be again.  Friends, please note that every action you take make a lot of difference in life not only now but in the future. Before you take that decision, place the value right.

Anytime you get to that cross-road, watch well before you take the decision. Value it well before putting your money on it. Gehaazi was to take the double portion of the anointing which Elisha took from Elijah, but due to the fact that Gehaazi could not place his values right, he missed it outrightly; he went all out for material wealth at the expense of spiritual wealth, he refused to acknowledge that spiritual wealth is far better than material for if you are spiritually wealthy material wealth can not but come. He got the material wealth in the hands of Naaman with the leprosy that inflected him but unfortunately lost the double portion of the anointing which he could have gotten from Elisha his master.

Beloved, please place your values right in whatever you do. Don’t because of that girl’s seductive looks destroy the home you have laboured for all the year long. Don’t because of the money that cannot last you into eternity rub you of your destiny, integrity and your place in the kingdom, Samson unfortunately missed it out. He was anointed from his mother’s womb; he was cautioned against strange woman; yet he longed for them. Sooner than later, he lost the anointing. He was reduced to an ordinary person basically because he could not place his values right, he decided to major in that which was minor, in that which was irrelevant compared to what God had in stock for him. The placement of his values was totally wrong. Beloved, anytime you misplace your values in life, you are reduced to next to nothing. Please before you take that decision check it, make sure your value is placed correctly.

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