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Understanding The Love Of God

Knowledge is the accumulation of facts, while wisdom is the accurate application of knowledge. Who is a wise man? Jesus said, a wise man is he who ears this sayings of mine and does them, he shall be likened to a man who builds his house on the rock, when the wind and storm came, the house stood because it was build on the rock. Understanding on the other side is the bridge or link between knowledge and wisdom. It is quite obvious that a man cannot apply whatever knowledge he has acquired without first and foremost understanding it. A man may acquire knowledge by storing it up in the brain however, it is understanding of what is stored that make it useful. It is not just enough to gather knowledge but it is the understanding of what is gathered that brings benefit. Beloved always seek to understand whatever knowledge you may have acquired.

Understanding the love God is one major issue that we all must also seek to know. Many at times we use our earthly father’s experience to reason out the love of God which in most cases are not always right.

For clarity, I would view love from three different perspectives. The first is the love that exists between a husband and wife or between two lovers. This love emanate as a result of romance. In short it is called romantic love. This kind of love seeks to find expression toward the opposite sex and most times ends up in being physical with one another. It is a conditional love and at any point in time may wax cold if care is not taken or either part takes each other for granted or break any of the rules that govern this kind of relationship.

Secondly is the parental love. This love exist between father and mother towards there children. It is most time sacrificial in nature. It is a special kind of love that comes from parent to children. No matter the extent of love you may have for other children there is one part of your heart that subtly loves your child in a different way. It may not be obvious to others, but it is rooted deep down in the heart. Not withstanding, however, this kind of love sometime wax cold or get affected when the either the parent or the child falls short of expectation. It could be so bad, that at times, either party disown each other. It also has some conditionally clause attached to it.

Lastly which we shall be discussing is the love of God. This, in other words is called Agape love, which is unconditional and unfailing. It is also called God’s kind of love. Understanding God’s kind of loves makes us different and gives us a proper understanding of who we are in Christ. The love of God does not fail even when we fall short of expectation. This is because God Himself is love personified that is God is love.

The love of God does not change towards us at any point in time. His love towards us made Him come in human flesh to die for our sin.

For God so love the world (you and I) that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believes shall not perish but have eternal life. For while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.

For scarcely will a man want to die for a righteous man how much more a sinner. Beloved God’s love does not wait for us to change but reached out to us at all times. Many times when we sin or miss it, God’s love is always reaching out to ensure that we get it right and draw back to the cross to the place where we ought to be. Many times we are of the opinion that God is always willing and ready to crush us when we miss it just like the police man who upholds the law. This is true but not absolutely true. He is a consuming fire,but the first and initial intention of God via His love is to ensure we are restored far beyond the punishment. Please do not let the devil blind you toward the love of God which is always yearning towards you at all times. You cannot comprehend this love with the natural senses. It is deeper than the ocean, higher that the highest mountain and above all wider than the sea. It is always reaching out. It gives always and never takes.

For the enemy cometh not but to steal, kill and destroy but the Love of God has come to give and give more abundantly. God’s love is unconditional, that is not based on what you have done right or wrong and also unfailingly. It is also always true to the letter. Friends, please understand God’s love today and be free off guilt and condemnation of the devil. Do you think you can never be forgiven for that wrong doing you have done? It is a lie of the devil; accept His love today it still flows naturally toward you. God is interested in loving you first and foremost that punishing you. Please understand the love of God and say thank you. Shalom

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