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The Two Fold Treatment 2

Glory to God forevermore. Its great coming your way again this pleasant Sunday. In the last edition, we commenced teaching on the above topic; we considered treating any and every issues in life by the two fold treatment. We highlighted the need for every believer to solve every challenge in life by giving it the two-fold treatment.

We further considered the example of Naaman who was diseased with Leprosy. He came to meet Elisah the prophet of God to be healed; he was however instructed to go wash seven times for his healing to be complete. He did, and was made whole. The two fold treatment was observed, the first phase was that an instruction was given while the second phase was that he obeyed the instructions, hence the treatment was complete. Otherwise he would not have been made whole. Recall the story of the blind man who came to Jesus to be healed. When Jesus met this man without eyes, knowing how He did it at creation, he went ahead to re-created another one, He remembered and knew how God formed man from the dust of the earth. Jesus spat on the floor and made clay from it, rubbed it on the man’s eye and requested him to go and wash. This, he did and immediately he was made whole. Here we see the two-fold treatment coming to bear again. The first was the phase of divinity while the second was the phrase of humanity. The aspect of divinity was that Jesus made clay and created new eyes in the man’s socket, while the aspect of humanity was that the man had to wash to be made whole, if the man had refused to wash, his position would not have changed, he would have still remained blind. Beloved on every issues or challenges we face, always look out for the two-fold treatment to be applied or else the desired change may not come. The scripture says watch and pray. It is not for us to watch only without prayer, or pray only without watching, but do the two, watch and pray.

Remember the first miracle Jesus did in His ministry when He turned water into wine. He requested the people to fill the jar with water thereafter commence the serving of the water, now turned to wine. First treatment, fill the jars, second treatment water turn to wine. Without the filling of the jar there can not be the turning of water to wine. Without the rolling away of the stone at the tomb of Lazarus by men who were available, there may not be the coming out of Lazarus from the grave. You must always apply the two fold treatment on all issues faced in life. Do you desire to prosper, then give and it shall be given unto you, good measure pressed down; shaken together running over shall men give to your bosom.

God can not alter or change His word, it is either you give and receive or you don’t give at all then you do not receive at all. Do you want to have friends, make yourself friendly, you cannot be a cruel some person and expect to have true friends. Do you desire a marriage partner and you seem to be getting of “age” according to human standard, then after you have prayed and sought the face of the Lord, go ahead and make yourself friendly, look good, and not seductive. Do not manipulate, because whatever you get from manipulation must surely be kept by manipulation. Be straight and forward looking. Do not let the waiting period take a toll on you to the point that you begin to loose your beauty as a result of many worries. Remember a cheerful heart is like medicine to the bones. Whatever, you desire in life before you embark on the search journey please ask yourself, what are the two fold treatment to be applied to this challenge to solve it. Let us not be like someone with incomplete knowledge, because in complete knowledge is as good as no knowledge and above all more destructive than ignorance. Please seek the two fold treatment on all issues or challenges in life.

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