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Stop The Struggle And Pray Do Not Struggle But Pray

Prayer makes life easy while faith makes things work. A life without prayers is a life that is full of struggles and yet little or nothing to show for. Many times we forget and neglect the great power that is within our disposal but not tapped basically because we refuse to tap into it by the power of prayers. When we refuse to pray, life becomes very difficult, opportunities passes away with the slightest ease. A life that is void of prayer will sooner than later be a prey. Without prayer, our tomorrow is not sure, for where we are today is as a result of the prayers we prayed yesterday and where we are going tomorrow is as a result of prayers prayed today.

Prayer is like the water that evaporates into the clouds, which will surely fall at the fullness of time. Prayers don’t waste; they always will come up as a memorial before God, for anyone that calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. When you are a praying Christians you become deadly to the camp of the devil. A praying Christian is always a terror to the devil and his agents. When you pray fervently, you become hot, too hot for the devil to handle. When you pray you become invisible to the power of darkness. A praying Christian is the power house of God. When you don’t pray you become venerable and weak to attacks from the pit of hell. Do you want to attain greatness? Then you must have the habit of pray without ceasing. I have heard people say that they can not stand up against certain sinful habit, this is because they have not being able to pray fervently on such issues, this is because prayers will surely keep you away from sinning or sin will keep you away from praying. You cannot be praying and continue to live in sin at the same time except you do not have the nature of God in you, hence you a just being a religious folk.

Enough of struggling with sin and the sinful habits lets get really spiritual. Friends, prayer gives you stamina against temptations and trials when they come knocking at the door. Little prayer, little power, much prayer, much power, no prayer, no power. A lot of evil waits at noon-day; it is only through the power of prayer that we can overcome them all. Beloved, you cannot be living as though nothing is at stake, please note that a lot of things are at stake which must be sorted out in the spirit and the only way you get them sorted out is through the power of prayers. Remember, the spiritual controls the physical. Once you are established in the spirit, it only takes a matter of time; no matter the challenges sooner than later you will be established in the physical.

Enough of struggle concerning that relationship, business and even that child. Take out time to pray fervently. As long as you don’t pray, you will continue to struggle. Prayer takes a man from the natural to the divine or supernatural. If a matter seems simile impossible it can only be with men but not with God, for with God through your effective fervent prayer all things are possible.

Sincerely, I really feel for you if you have being trying it all and it’s not working, why don’t you stop and ask the question, why I’m I not getting the desired result. It could be because you have been doing it the same way. Why not take out a couple of days this week and lock yourself up and pray through to the other side. There cannot be anything more important than prayers you pray to the Lord. God will not move to do the extraordinary until someone bends his knees in prayers. The beauty of it all is that the distance from your knees to the ground is far shorter compared to the distance of what you have desired to achieve. If so, then take the short route and bend those knees, you, your wife and children, for you to get your desires achieved. Prayer is the master key that opens every door of life. Jesus prayed and He made the difference that cannot be matched by any one that ever lived. Moses prayed, and the presence of God rubbed on him so much so that no one could look at his countenance. He had to be veiled. My dear reader, what is your prayer life like? Is it hot, lukewarm or stone cold? Please look inward; it is time to have a closet ministry in the place of prayer. Stop the struggle and pray. Shalom!

Pro. 16:8 says pride come before destruction. Anyone having pride in his or her life will ultimately be destroyed. Please do not allow destruction to come upon your life? Instead choose life and live. Herod died because of Pride. Act 12:21-23, he refused to give glory to God and he died. Nebuchadnezzer in Dan 4:30-36 became as the beast of the field because of pride. Pride is a silent killer that destroys. Pride is a silent killer that reduces a man to the beast of the field. Don’t allow it to take a root in your life. Your life is too precious to be destroyed by pride. Please choose life and live. Shalom!

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