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PRIDE: The Silent Killer II

It’s great to have you around again today. How was the week? Hope all is well. Always remember, that whatever happens God is in full control. He has promised never to leave you nor forsake you. He is always there for you.

We commenced a teaching last week on the above topic and we shall proceed further today. Last week we established that God resist the proud and give grace to the humble. God is never a friend to a proud person no matter the level of anointing and achievement. We highlighted the example of Lucifer, who fell from an exalted position to the lowest depth of the pit because he had pride in him. Another example is King Herod, Act 12:21-23 highlight how He was struck dead because refused to give glory to God and allowed pride in him. Nebuchedenazzar is another example; Dan. 4.30-36 further narrates how he was abased to the level of the beast of the field because he allowed pride take root inside him.

Beloved, God is the same yesterday, today and forevermore. He does not change. The same resistance He has for the proud has not changed, that is why this call is coming our way today. God is not interested in the downfall of anyone infact, he want us all to succeed and be prosperous but He will never spare pride in any form. Just as he did not spare Lucifer, King Herod and of course Nebuchadenazzar, so He will not spare any of children who allows pride.

Please note that pride can come subtlely in many ways if care is not taken. It may come as a result of Gifting and Talent and special abilities from above, or even success and achievement. At time the church or group we belong to may introduce pride in us if care is not taken. Some pride in the fact that they are holy, hence holier than other Christian groups. Some it is that their doctrine is more “superior”, thus condemning others.

Remember, it was the achievement of what Nebuchednezzar made him proud. Please do not let any achievement you have had in time past or presently run into your head to allow pride lest those blessings become a curse to you. The scripture says “guide your heart with all diligence”. There is a need to guide you heart diligently before you run into trouble.

Please expose you heart to the searchlight of the Holy Spirit from time to time to judge any form of pride that may want to creep in. You must judge Pride now. Do not wait for God to judge it for you, because if God must do it, it may not be palatable. For if we judge ourselves we shall not be judged. Always note that you are what you are by the grace of God, there are many who are putting in more than you are putting yet do not have the kind of result you have. Always remember, you are what you are and have what you have only by the grace of God.

What have we received that has not being given? For all good and perfect gifts comes from above. If so, why then must we allow God’s gift be a source of fall for us. Has God used you as an instrument to lift someone up in time past? Then give him thanks for preferring to use your vessel, and don’t pride over it lest you destroy yourself.

To get rid of pride, then you must renew your mind. Your mind must be soaked in the word of God. You must always approach the glass of God’s word with an open mind with the intention of making correction and not a set mind of yourself. I have heard some Christians say it is not true that they are proud even when many other sincere Christians at different places at different time caution them of little manufestation pride. Well, at times, it does happen that the opinion of the majority could be wrong, however. I am of the opinion that such a Christian being given caution signal must watch it and check himself, for out of every lie there may exist an iota of truths for there can not be any smoke without fire. Please watch it.

Secondly, you must prefer other before yourself. When the element of self before other become prominent, then there is big problem. This is because sooner than later the self in us become bigger and the Jesus in us because smaller. That reminds me of the story of the elephant and the ant that crossed over a bridge and on getting to the other side; the ant said to the elephant we shook the bridge. Who does not know who shook the bridge? It is surely not the ant. So is it with a proud man, even in the midst of obviously done work by the Most High, he still finds a portion of glory for himself.

Thirdly, you must acknowledge God in all and I mean all that you do. Don’t touch His Glory; don’t touch what belongs to Him. He has given the entire blessing to us to have but the glory He reserves for Himself alone. Be contended with the blessings He has given. Always acknowledge Him in all your ways and he has promised to direct your path. Friends you do not have anything to loose when you stay humble, infact, He promised to exalt you as you stay humble. Humble yourself under His mighty hand and in due time He shall lift you up. Pride kills, humility exalts. Shalom!

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