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Please, Flee Sexual Sin 2

Blessed be God forevermore. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He does not change but He changes situations and circumstances.

Last week we commenced teaching on the above topic and discussed on the position of God as it relates to sexual sin. We established that God take no delight in anyone who defiles himself for whatever reason. He (God) made it clear also that we should have nothing intimate to do with anyone who lives habitually in sexual sin no matter his or her level in the fold. This is because it is contagious, it spread like wild fire. God desire to possess your life in holiness and purity and he cannot stand it for His temple which is His abode to be defiled for whatever reason.

Friends, aside from the fact that God desires to have you holy, sexual sin is also harmful to you as a person. Just as Samson’s eye was plucked out as a result of his fall, so also sexual sin plucks out the eyes of people who fall and live into it. Such a person who falls and lives in sexual sin will certainly loose his sight. The set targets become impossible to achieve. It kills innovations and creativity. Such a person cannot see beyond the nose, he begins and continue to live in the dark. When opportunities come, it cannot be seen not to talk of being taken advantage of.

Secondly, sexual sin shut the heavens against one. When the heavens are shut, then dryness begins to set in. A man under shut or closed heaven is left with no ideas and inspirations. The work of such a person is not blessed. A cloud of disfavour surrounds such a person and his hands become unfruitful. Beloved, are you experiencing all that is being highlighted? Are you living in adultery or fornication? Then if so you may need to retrace you steps and make amendment if you desire to grow and experience a new lease of life.

When a person indulges in sexual sin, such becomes vulnerable to the devil. You can no longer command spiritual authority because you have being joined to a harlot. When you decree, it may not be established because you have sold out your position in Christ for a five or ten minute pleasure. You will find out that things that were working before not longer works and the devil comes in and out of such lives at will because the edge is being broken. Remember, whosoever breaks the edge, the serpent bites. Once the hedge is broken sickness and disease comes along with it.

Please note that there is a foul spirit behind any form of sickness, hence when the edge is broken, the foul spirit comes in along with sickness under names such as AIDS, gonorrhea and other sickness that are associated with sexual transmitted ailment. Remember, the spiritual controls the physical; most of the time when people are sick (not as a result of breaking health rules) you may need to cast out the foul spirit in charge of the sickness then the victims get healed, for whoever the son of Man set free is free indeed, you shall be free indeed Amen. However, there is still hope for you to get healed if only you will repent off this dirty way of life and focus on God and live in holiness and righteousness.

Above all, it is better to live in health than to seek to be healed. Further still no one who lives in sexual sin will be at peace with God. You will always have guilt which will tighten your relationship Him. You can not access the throne of Grace with boldness. You become ashamed whenever you have the opportunity to approach God. You will always need someone to intercede on your behalf to God simply because you have this sense of unworthiness before the throne of Grace. While others are lifting up holy hands in worship before their maker, you will be busy using such valuable time to seek for forgiveness and trying to straighten things out with God. What a valuable time lost in His presence.

Does it really worth it to live and have all these consequences in one’s life all because of a five to ten minutes of sinful pleasure? Please count the benefit to the cost. Sincerely it does not worth it. Don’t you think of the shame it brings along with it. What if you get pregnant or you pregnant some one? Don’t even think of abortion because it has more grievous consequences. It will not work. Beloved as a child of God, the price is too much to bear. Why destroy all that you laboured for in the Lord just because of sexual sin. Please don’t hide it. Don’t cover it up, confess it and live straight. You are what you are by the grace of God. Why do you desire to shut the fountain of grace against yourself all because it cannot control your sexual urge? Please flee sexual sin, for it kills. Why die cheaply. Flee. Shalom!

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