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Packaging For Impact

Our God is a master processor who is more interested in the finished product. He is the potter and we are the clay. Just as an earthly potter pays little attention to the clay but devotes his attention to what the final product will be so is our God. He (God) processes issues, events and most of all the man He uses for great exploit. Infact the time He devotes to the making of a man is more important to Him than the exploits He desires to use the man for. The processing period that leads to the finished product or packaging is by no means a joking period for the person in question. It is in most cases the most trying period of all time. At such time, it seems like God is not there, it seems as though God has abandoned one in such a “sorry” state, notwithstanding it must be part of the process to be undergone so that the finished product may have the required impact it must have.

Many times, a lot of people ask questions such as, could it be sin that may lead to all this “lonely” road I walk through? Beloved please note that it is indeed true that sin brings along with it sickness, backwardness, stagnancy, sorrow, pains, and lack of answers to prays, but note at the same time that severally we go through situations which seem not palatable to us which are not necessarily caused by sin.

At times we go through some situations in life which seems not palatable but it is the route God desire us to go through for the maximum impact He desires us to have as a finished product. John 9:1-4 narrates the story of a man that was born blind. And the discipline of Jesus asked him saying in verse 2, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind? “Jesus answered, “Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but that the works of God should be revealed in him. Did you read that?

That man being the clay was born blind or better still created blind became the works of God must be revealed in him. Rather strange. As far as God (the potter) is concerned, He allowed the product to be defective so that other vessels may see His works in the life of that man. By the time you read further down you would realize the uproar that came up as a result of this mans recovery of sight. Beloved, this man did not sin but he found himself in that situation so that the works of God may be revealed.

Joseph walked with God and had a dream of greatness Gen 37. Just as I know that there is nothing wrong to dream of Greatness but what is wrong is to share your dream with dream killers; please note who you share your dreams of greatness with. He was thrown into the pit and from the pit he was sold into slavery, and from the house of slavery he was thrown into the prison in a land of slavery. This was bad news as far as Joseph was concerned. Did he sin? No, did he do what was not pleasing in the sight of God? The answer remains No. Then why is he going through all these.

The reason is that, he was going through a process. He was being packaged for the impact he was to make on the throne which was not even revealed to him yet. If he did not go through the process, he probably would have gotten back at his brothers who sold him He probably would have killed Judah his brother hence truncated the plan of redemption because Jesus our redeemer came from the tribe of Judah.

Or probably the covenant carrier in the person of Jacob and his family would have died of famine. God took Joseph through those various phases to be able to use him well in the time of need.

Beloved, are you going through situations you cannot explain and it seems you have been abandoned in the wilderness of life. Take a close look inward and check if there is any sin in you, if non, then be rest assured you are going through a phase that will work out well for your good. You are simply being packaged for a greater place in His kingdom. The packaging process may be tough and unpleasant, but do not give up, keep at it for many are the affliction of the righteous but the Lord deliver him from them all.

You will get to understand as the days go by. Don’t cast away your confidence, for God is more interested in the process so that the final product will not bring Him shame among the heathen.

Please be packaged for impact.

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