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It’s Time To Be Remembered

Beloved today’s teaching is not just a teaching to encourage or enlighten our eyes of understanding but a call to duty. There is a task you will have to perform as you conclude the reading. Please ensure you carry out the duty immediately because I am sure God is about to lunch you into another phase of your life.

There is a lifting ladder that everyone must climb to enter into a new phase of one’s life. This ladder is very important in one’s life as growth takes place. Unfortunately, some people don’t locate this ladder until they are far advance in age. At times the enemy (devil) hides this ladder from some careless, prayerless Christians who are not discerning. This ladder may come in form of relationship, gifting, talents or special abilities given from above. For some other people, it may be their deep relationship with the Holy Spirit, wherein the Holy Spirit deposit what this generation needs into their lives. For some it is the shoulder of someone you need to enhance your growth and take you to where God desires you to be.

There is someone presently before the King that must mention your name, skill or gifting before the King will call on you. Someone must remember you and mention you to the King. Please recall the story of Joseph in Gen.40:1-23. The butler and the baker of the King of Egypt who were in the same prison with Joseph. They both had a dream, which they could not interpret. Joseph interpreted the dream to them both, one was going to die while the other – the Chief butler shall be restored back to his position in three days. However Joseph said,

Gen. 40:14 “But remember me when it is well with you, and please show kindness to me; make mention of me to Pharaoh, and get me out of this house.

This was Joseph’s request. He knew that the ladder out of the prison was for the Chief butler to remember him. Friends, there is somebody watching you now who has the ability when the opportunity comes to turn things around for you at no cost to him. Hence whatever you are doing now, please do it well. For a man’s gift will make room for him before great men.

Unfortunately the Chief Butler forgot Joseph Gen. 40:23 read, “Yet the Chief butler did not remember Joseph, but forgot him. Though Joseph was forgotten, but his deeds and gifting were not forgotten. I say again for the purpose of emphasis, someone is watching you now who is observing your gifting, talents, conduct, honesty, integrity, innocence, purity of heart and uprightness, which are rare virtues in these days. He is watching and observing them with the intention of recalling them in the day of opportunity and need.

One day came when the King dreamt a dream and needed an interpreter, then suddenly Gen. 41:9 reads “Then the Chief butler spoke to Pharaoh saying: I remember my fault this day. That day was the saving grace for Joseph. That remembrance was the long awaited ladder for Joseph to climb out of his present prison position.

That was the breakthrough he needed before his establishment in the palace of Pharaoh and the land of Egypt. Please note that this singular act of remembrance cost the butler nothing from his end, it just took him to open his month to make the recommendation, however it made the whole lot of difference in the life of Joseph and ultimately his family.

Today, I prophesy to your life that this week you shall be remembered. You will receive a phone call that will make the difference in your life this week in Jesus name. Your name shall be mentioned to that person who will call unto you and place you in that long awaited path of greatness. As Joseph was remembered so shall you be remembered.

That ladder shall be made available to you in Jesus name. That shoulder of whom you must ride to the place of promise shall be made available to you in Jesus name.

Please stop reading now and begin to pray, ask the Lord to link you up. Make a request that whosoever that is to remember you but has forgotten will not be able to sleep until he mentions your name in the necessary quarters. That ladder must be made available to you this week, now in Jesus name. Stop and pray beloved for not less than fifteen minutes.

Welcome back, friends, you have dwelt long enough in that position. You need this breakthrough and as you have it the good Lord shall establish you in this new phase in Jesus name. My heartburns within me, I perceive your cloud is heavy and it is about to rain; and it shall rain. You can however release your rain by staying in the place of prayer. Your rain shall fall, your ladder shall be made available, you shall be remembered in Jesus name. Shalom!

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