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It’s Not Over yet

Heb 11:1; Now, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Heb. 11.6 reads without faith it is impossible to please God, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. For by faith great men of old received a good report from the Lord.

Faith is the currency with which we obtain precious gift from heaven simply put, faith is the legal tender, which is acceptable in heaven to obtain whatever you desire from the Lord.

Your faith is that which makes the impossible to be possible even when it seems physically that the door has been closed and the chapter sealed, your faith is what re-opens the whole chapter again. It’s been said severally that when there is life, there is hope, yes this is true however with faith is in your heart of a believer, where there is no life there is still hope for a way of escape. Just as prayers makes things ease while faith makes things work so it is in every thing we do. Your faith is that which makes this work. Do not cast away your confidence, which has great reward. Your confidence, which come from your faith in the Lord, must not be cast out. Whenever we loss confidence in the things that will lead us to the place of promise, it is an indication that our faith is lost.

Many times, I hear people say “it is over “ basically because of a set back they have in business, or desires which seem not to fall in place as they have desired it, then words like, “I lost all”, “it’s over” begin to proceed out of their mouth. These kinds of words, I regard them as corrupt communication, which must not be heard or said in Zion. It’s like singing the Lord’s song in a strange land. Words such as this are not to be heard among us, it is a taboo, bearing in mind that the power of life and death dwells within our tongue. Friend, no matter what the situation may bring, it’s not over yet. That negative situation is just telling you that there is a better way of doing what you are doing now, which you have not discovered. All you need is to find out and do it again then forge ahead in the journey of life. It is not over yet. You have not lost it all. You have not reached the end of the road yet. There are still more distance to cover. There is more to what you see now.

Lately, I was sharing with my cousin in Dublin on the phone, and he narrated a story his pastor told them last Sunday about a man who lost so much in business and on getting home he exclaimed aloud saying, My God, I have lost all. To his surprise his 4 year-old daughter walked up to him and said, “Daddy, but you still have me and mummy. You have not lost us”. Immediately, the man hugged his daughter and the wife, with a ray of hope and faith rising again. I say to you again it’s not over yet. You might have lost so much in stocks on recent times, or in business, yet I say it not over yet. The Shunammite woman almost lost her only miracle son. The boy died in her presence yet she believed it was not over yet until she had consulted God through his servant.

She later had the story re-written by the power of faith. 2 King 4:8-37. Even when there is no life, with faith the story is not ended yet. Friends, where is your faith? The woman with the issue of blood had spent all her livelihood for the doctors, yet her disease was not cured, `In her heart, she knew it was not over yet hence she reach for the hem of Jesus` garment and immediately, she was made whole.

The blind man that begged for alms by the road side, knew it was not over yet, He cried to Jesus though many people shouted him down, believing it was over for him, but he refused to admit it was over, he shouted the more and his story was re-written. Who is that person that speaks when the Lord has not spoken? What is that situation that is proving otherwise when the Lord is saying it is well with you. That situation will certainly not prevail. Is it that job, or that relationship or the fruit of the womb you are trusting God for? Please note that it is not over yet! Just reach out in faith and have your dreams and desire come through. It is not over yet. Shalom!

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