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Gods Presence

Joshua 6: 27; So the Lord was with Joshua and he was famous through all the world.

Blessed be God the Father of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Its great coming your way today. I pray the Lord in His infinite mercy will bless and prosper all that you lay your hands upon in Jesus Christ name. Today we shall be considering what makes a difference in a mans life and distinguishes him from the crowd. The opening text of this teaching reveals the fame of Joshua basically because of the presence of God in His life.

Beloved, Gods presence in a mans life is what makes the greatest difference on life. Do you want to be truly great then seek His presence. Do you want to be protected from all the wails of the enemy then seek His Presence, for mountain skips like rams in His presence. There is fullness of joy in His presence. In His presence is peace and everlasting joy. Joshua was a person without fame, he was just like any other person in Israel but for his close work with Moses the servant of the Most High who introduced him the presence of God. He learnt the act of staying in the presence of God from Moses and that led to the radical change in His life. He contacted the presence of God and his story line was changed forever, he became a man that was famous throughout the world. Gods presence in a mans life make a man invisible and untouchable to every wiles of the evil one. His presence not only delivers but also attracts favour and blessings into a man life.

Please recall the story of Joseph, he was sold to the land of slavery by his own brothers because he had a dream, a dream of greatness; because of his dream he was sold to the land of slavery. He became a slave in the land of Egypt however because of the presence of God he carried; he was distinguished in all that he did. He was so much distinguished that the wife of his master requested him to lay with him in sin but this young man refused. He knew if he ever did that he would certainly trade off His presence in his life. The devil was not interested in his looks or his stature but in a way of getting rid of the presence of God in his life. Joseph never fell to the trap of thinking it was the easy way out of the struggle of his life but saw it as a way of ripping him off all that was going to make him in life. He stood his ground and that led him to relocating his bedroom to the prisons. He was still not moved as to change his mind. He still went ahead to keep His treasured presence. What about the three Hebrew children that was thrown into the fire. Three men were thrown into the fire but four men were seen in the fire the fourth like the son of God. His manifested presence was seen evidently with them in the fire. It could not be contested. Remember the scripture says when you go through the fire, it will not be kindled against you and through the waters it shall not overtake because His presence can not be swallowed up by any form of circumstance.

Jesus when He was physically on earth was the presence of God personified. He was not just a carrier of His presence but was the presence of God personified. Every where He went difficult situations gave way of its own accord. How can the creator of all things and the devil himself walk on the street and all evil will not give way. It is not just possible for the creature not to recognize the creator. That was why everywhere Jesus went He was doing good, He healed the lepers, raised the dead, made the blind to see. When the presence of God is with you, you become a wonder to the world an amusement to your generation. You can not but leave your foot print on the soil of the earth. When you are long gone, you still speak to generation after you. Paul carried the presence of God yet he still speaks. Elisha carried the presence of God so strongly that the dead man thrown into his grave touched his bones and off the dead man rose from the dead.

You can not afford to go without the presence of the Lord. It is His presence that makes the difference in our lives.

In all that we do please seek His presence and do not trade it for any thing. Do not let sin rob you off His Presence. Seek Gods presence. Shalom

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