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It gives me great pleasure to expand God’s word to us again. I am sorry I will not continue today on the topic we commenced last week – “Spiritual authority” because of the Easter celebration we shall however continue on it next week. Today, we shall be considering the above topic. Beloved, please note that without the death and resurrection of Jesus our faith is baseless and powerless in other words just a mere religion. Christianity is not a religion but it is a way of life full of power from above. The beauty of it all is that the price has been fully paid. It is finished. The primary reason why Jesus came was to bring men back to God after Adam and Eve fell at the Garden of Eden; from that time to the time when Jesus shed his blood, man has been separated from God. This seperation is known as death, man died. All effort to reconcile man to God did not work out perfectly as there were always loopholes in the midst of it all.

The journey to pay the final price commences from Gethsemane. Jesus knew it was time so he went to pray to receive strength from the Father to be able to pay the price fully for you and I. Please note further that Jesus was not killed in the view of the worlds but He died, he laid down His life by himself. Remember when He was questioned, He made it expressly known that He had the power to call Angels to come and fight on His behalf but He would not do so, that the perfect will of God concerning us may be fulfilled. The power to fight back was there but He would not so that the perfect will of God concerning us may be fulfilled and because of His infinite love for us: for greater love has no man than to lay down His life for His friends.

He was taken at Gethsemane and brought out to the open to make a shame of Him. He took all these shame because it was part of the price of redemption. He was striped naked and beaten with the wipe and on Him were stripes, hich were the price paid for our healing, to be in perfect health, for by His stripes we were healed. He was naked so that we could always be clothed never to be naked or homeless again.

He had on His Head the crown of thorns to redeem us from the curse that was placed on man which says that the land shall bring for you thorns and thistles. Going forward man shall not labour in vain again there shall always be result, sweatless victory is our portion. Jesus carried the cross of shame and reproach so that instead of shame, we may have double honour, this is your portion in Jesus name Amen. Without the shedding of blood, there can be no remission of sin, Jesus shed His blood totally, He shed it ones and for all. A sacrifice which is perfectly acceptable by God.

He was led to Calvary outside the City to be crucified. In those days when people ask for forgiveness of sins they make confession on a goat and take it to the outside of the city and allow the goat to run away for it is believed that their sins has be taken away by the scape goat. Beloved, Jesus Christ was led outside the city as a scape Goat for you and I to carry away our sins no wonder God forsoke Him on the cross of Calvary when He said, Father, Father, why has thou forsaken me. He was carrying the sins of the whole world and our God is with a pureer eyes than to behold iniquity. God forsake Jesus because of the huge sin which was not his but ours, the sins of the world. Friend, you have no business with that sin in your life. Jesus paid the price for it. He did not just die any form of death, but the death on the cross, for it is written cursed is a anyone hung on the cross (tree). Jesus because curse personified so that you and I may be blessed and never cursed again. You are not cursed beloved but you are blessed forever. Jesus was crucified on Friday, He went to ell and rose again on the third day which is Monday. Between these days He went to Hell and for this period, He was further tormented by the devil and His demons thinking they finally got Him but on the third day; He spoils principalities and powers, got the keys to Hell and death, made a public show of them openly and gave the authority to us. He rose from the dead never to die again, He is alive forever more. The disciple came to His tomb on the resurrection morning, but alas He was not there, the tomb was empty, because we do not seek the living among the dead. Jesus paid the price fully. You have no reason to be under any form of bondage. You are free forever. Happy Easter celebration – Shalom

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