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Fed On The Eaters

Glory be to God forever more, for He is the same yesterday, today and forevermore. He is our Lord, Him only shall we worship and serve. It gladdens my heart once again to come your path and share God’s prophetic word with you today. Today’s message is a word for someone who perhaps may be you, for the scripture says He sent forth His Word and the Word healed them and delivered them from their destruction. The Word of the Lord is sent to you today admonishing you to look deeper than the surface for there is more to what you are going through presently.

Many at times we are faced with situations and circumstances that look as though we cannot go through successfully. I mean it’s like we will not go through to the other side but I have good news for you today; the word of the Lord to you is that you will not only go through but you are going through in a grand style.

Judges 14:14 reads …”Out of the eater came something to eat and out of the strong came something sweet”.

Beloved this was a riddle given by Samson out of which God is giving you a word of direction today.

Samson killed a young lion on his way to Timnah in one of his visit to his intended Philistine wife. Couple of days after he was passing that same way, he thus stopped over to see the lion he had killed. Behold, swarm of bees had besieged the carcass, he then took honey, which the bees had released from the carcass. From the experience he then came up with a riddle; out of the eater, which is the lion has come something to eat and of the strong, still referring to the lion and the swarm of bees has come something sweet.

Friends, this word is coming to you today not as a riddle but as a prophetic word. Please take time to look at that very issue or situation proving difficult. Look beyond the surface and begin to see; for many people do look but only few actually see.There is sweetness in simile barriers or obstacles. There is something enough not only for you to eat but also for many generations to eat if only you can look closer and deeper to see what is in it to eat.

Beloved, the telecommunication industry in this nation (Nigeria) before now looked like a eater to many people, however some companies looked closer and saw what others could not see and they exploited it, now from what seems to be a eater has come what many people would eat. Only heaven can tell how many who could have being jobless and armed robbers have been able to make a living from what looked as a eater. You are a child of God; please do not just look only without seeing for God wants you to see. He wants you to see the great opportunities that lie within. He wants to open your eyes to the opportunities that lies in the so-called eater. He wants you to see the sweetness that exists in the eater, He want you to know that there is more to what you are going through now.

Are you living in a house that is flooded when it rains, then solve the flood problem and look deeper to see, you could as well make a living from the same water that seems to be a eater that wants to eat you up. Are you finding it difficult to pass a particular exam, then pay the price to pass the exam, solve the problem at hand, God may want you to set up centres that will help people who may be in your shoes to pass the same exam and as you do that you make a living for yourself. Out of the eater has come something to eat and out of the strong has come something sweet. The lion that was suppose to kill Samson now become a source of sweetness that is honey for him and his family; and he took part of the honey to his parent to eat likewise. No matter how problematic that situation looks, there is surely something to eat from the eater.

Please note further that, the eater does not have power to eat you up because you have The lion of the tribe of Judah in you. Moreover, we all know the end of the story that you will come out victorious because you are the actor in this script.

Finally, at the end of the story or alphabet, that is at Z you will win, but between the B and the Y it may look as though the eater will eat you up, always remember that it is not possible; all you have to do is to hang on to the word of God, it may look like a dark phase in you life, but surely, light shall come sooner than later at the end of the tunnel. There is something to eat from the eater. Shalom

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