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Don`t Forget II - DominionVoice Christian Outreach

Halelluyah to God forevermore! We commence the teaching on the above topic last week and today we shall continue and conclude. Please if you have not read the last week’s edition, endeavour to get it and read. That is when we can actually get the full benefit of the teaching. We commenced then with Psalm 103:1-2 where David urged His soul not to forget the benefit of the Lord; who forgive all your iniquities, heals all your diseases, redeems your life from destruction, crowns you with loving kindness and tender mercies, satisfies your mouth with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s. What a depth of person David is.

Friends, can you recall what God has done for you this way or do you only recall the things that are yet to be done. Always note that where you are today is the dream place of another person, infact a lot of people wish they are in your shoes yet many times you seem to be ungrateful.

At times you may need to look back and see the long list of people behind you to appreciate what God is doing in your life. Just as a person who drives takes a glimpse at the rear mirror when driving so we need to take a glimpse on the mirror of life so that you can appreciate where you are coming from and where you are now. Probably you are in the traffic of life and you seem not to be going at the pace you desire, then take a look at the rear mirror and you will appreciate God the more when you see the long line of people behind you.

Deut. 8:10-12 reads, “And you shall remember that the Lord your God led you all the way these forty years in the wilderness, to humble you, and test you to know what was in your heart, whether you would keep His commandment or not.

God desires to know if you would still remember Him even after He has taken you out of the land of bondage to your promised land. Beloved, God took the children of Israel in a particular direction; the way of the wilderness for forty years to test them, humble them and ultimately know what is in their heart but far above this, “you shall remember the Lord your God”. The question is, do you remember the Lord your God in the days when you need His help alone and do not remember Him in times of plenty. God will surely set you up from time to time to know if you will remember Him. Not only are we not to forget the goodness and kindness of the Lord but we must also not forget the Lord our God.

I have seen a whole lot of Christians in their days of little beginning use their time and talent for God, highly committed to the things of God. However as soon as God begins and continue to bless them by opening doors of blessings and opportunities to them, they are soon gone. They are no where to be found in God’s presence again. Instead of them being in His presence, they try to substitute their presence in God’s presence with money and other earthly things.

Please note that the cattle in the ten thousand hills belongs to God, if He were hungry He would not ask you or I, hence He treasures your presence with him than that fat offerings you give. They soon forgot the Lord that gave them power to make wealth. Please remember the days of your little beginnings, when the rain will beat you at the bus-stop, and the sun scorch you, when life was”hard” to get by.

When you get to your promised land, that place of rest, don’t forget the Lord your God who gives thee power to make wealth.

Psalm 78:10-11 reads “they did not keep the covenant of God; they refused to walk in His law, and forgot His works and His wonders that He had shown them”

Please don’t be like the children of Ephraim in verse 9 of the same chapter “who being armed and carrying bows, turned back in the day of battle. They simply forget the Lord their God.

That talent given you by God is to be utilized for Him, please don’t forget to use it for His Glory. That beautiful look given you by God must be used for His glory and not to be used by the devil for ungodly purpose.

Don’t forget the Lord your God in the days of your beginning and when you are made. Always remember and tremble at His feet. Remember you were formed from the dust of the earth and surely you shall return to dust; however your soul shall stand to testify of what you have done on earth.

Never get too possessive of anything on earth but be over possessed of the Lord your God. Don’t forget the Lord your God in the days of comfort, don’t forget His-goodness towards you. Don’t forget! Shalom!

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