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Divine Help

Man is not created in isolation but to live with each other to get comfort, warmth, and encouragement. Every great visionary who have accomplished their goals in life knows that it is absolutely impossible to achieve such great and burning vision without human help.

They surely know what to do and how to go about it however because they need to do multiple task they surely need men of like minds who see what they see and can run with it as they would have run. This assistance either paid for or free is known as human help. Great Companies that have lived beyond the founder have existed by virtue of human help and expertise. However, there is another dimension to help known as divine help, which far goes beyond what human beings can achieve or attain.

Divine help is a supernatural intervention in the affairs of men to discharge obligation. Divine help is the invocation of invisible forces to assist or aid human programme and agenda. It is the engagement of heavenly spiritual forces to influence positively the result of natural duties and obligations. It is the force that amplifies or accelerates human efforts to produce more than the usual. It is what makes a star of a dullard. When it appears to men it turns labour to favour. Divine help is the help of God.

I checked through the scripture and observed that there was no great man in the Word who became great without divine help. Abraham’s servant wanted a wife for his master’s son, Isaac, in a land he had no history or knowledge of family ties. In Gen 24, he got to the land and requested for divine help in picking the right bride for Isaac, lo and behold he got it right. Are you trusting God for a life partner, please ask for divine help, He will lead you to the right person.

2 Chron. 26:1-8 and 15 reveals the story of a young teenager who ruled as King, Uzziah by name. This young boy sought the Lord and as long as he sought God for help the Lord prospered him in all his ways. Verse 15 revealed he was marvelously helped by God. When a young teenager is marvelously helped by God he gets far reaching result than any adult can have in life.

At times divine help come to us via classified, intelligent information as in the case of the King of Israel and the Syrians. 2 Kings 6:8-12 narrates the story of the Syrian king who observed that all his war strategies were being revealed to the King of Israel. He cried out that there was a saboteur within his cabinet, but one of his men was quick to point out that the King of Israel was receiving divine help through the prophet of God – Elisha – who revealed what the king said in his bedroom. Interesting! Enough of gloaming in the dark. Beloved, ask for classified direction and information. Stop wait life by wasting time on unprofitable ventures, ask for divine help.

David could not have made it through life without this help. He said in Ps 40:13;

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The Lord God of Israel will help you. You will not walk alone in Jesus mighty name. He said further in Ps 121:1-2 ‘…. I will lift up my eyes to the hill from whence come my help?’ (NKJV)

He answered: my help comes from the Lord. David ran to the hills for safety several times when Saul sought to kill him. However, he did not make the mistake of thinking his help was in the hill. He was quick to point out that his help is from the Lord. That uncle, daddy, politician or whoever, is not your help, they are just channels used for this season. God is your help, focus on Him now and always.

Jehoshaphat received help to win against forces stronger, bigger, greater and more numerically than him by the power of divine help from God. 2 Chron. 26. You also can win the battles of life if only you ask for divine help.

To access this help, you must be born again. You must have the DNA of God by Him inputting His cells into you. You must be a worshipper of God, just like Jehoshaphat. Thirdly for must be broken and prayerful. Don’t just believe that without asking in the place of prayer, you can automatically have it. For you to stand tall in life, you must have the habit of bending your kneels in prayers. Lastly, you must be a giver. 2 Sam 24:24-25. You need to be a giver to access unlimited divine help. It is available to you, access it. Shalom.

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