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Discipleship/ Stewardship/Catching the Spirit of Mission

Discipleship is a call to be with, know and enjoy the Master. This certainly is preceded by salvation. It is a personal commitment to Jesus to follow through with Him.

A disciple is a disciplined follower of a course. At the early stage of the ministry of Jesus, He called certain men to be with Him Mk 3:14, and follow Him. Till today, He still calls however under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus gave express instruction on how He intends us to live and serve as a disciple as revealed in John 13:14-17. He demands exclusive, complete and unflinching obedience to Him.

The Demand

  • He demands all or nothing. No lukewarm person can be a true disciple.

  • It is being a servant and giving our lives to that end Matt 10:42-45

  • Giving up what we cannot keep to gain what we cannot lose, if we don’t we will lose at the end. Matt 16:25

  • It demands giving preference to Jesus above all which includes father, mother, children, career etc. Luke 14:25-27.


Literally, this demand may be quite difficult to achieve, however the resources to accomplishing this kind of life called Grace is released along side. This resource is accessible only when we abide in Him. John 15:5-8.

Reward System

The call at though with struggles, sufferings and sometime with intense difficulties, it is not without a promise. Peter looked at all these and asked what is the reward for them haven left all. Jesus answered great reward here and in the world beyond. Mk 10:28-31.

A call to make further disciples.

Haven benefited from the reward system put in place, God expects of us to make disciples as well. He called us to be fishers of men Matt 4:19 as he made us. Matt 28:18-20 gives a command to go and make disciples having equipped us with what is needful. This leads to Mission.

What is Mission

Mission is an important assignment carried out for political, religious or commercial purpose typically involving travels.

Mission, the vocation or calling of a religious organisation especially a Christian one to go out into the world and spread the faith.

A missionary is a person sent by a church or directly by the Holy Spirit into an area to carry on evangelism or other activities as education or hospital work.

Please note that primarily, we do not do mission to populate the church but to make Christ known. Salvation of souls is the primary reason for Mission, thereafter a place of worship to learn what it takes to grow in the new life. It involves partnering directly with God just as Jesus partnered with Peter by using his boat to dispense the good news.

Purpose of Mission

  • To fulfil Gods divine mandate Act 1:8

  • Bring People to the saving knowledge Christ known as Salvation.

  • Bring the light and Power of the gospel to the lost and condemned world.

  • Reach the un-reached with the gospel of truth

  • Heal the sick, raise the dead and cleanse the lepers.

  • Establish the throne and Kingdom of Jesus on earth as it is in heaven.

Mission is not evangelism. Evangelism is the preaching of the gospel with the aim of securing salvation; thereafter move to other location. However Mission goes further not only to securing salvation but to ensure that Christ is formed in the convert. Evangelist leaves after securing salvation while Missionaries stays behind to grow the convert to a point wherein he is stable, and can make other believers.

Missionaries imbibe the positive cultures of their locality such as food, clothing, games, language and attitude, approach to life etc.

It is important for us to know that we all are missionaries here in Canada though there might be several other reasons that brought us in. We are to note that God expects us be His mouth piece, eyes, ears and extension of Him here on earth.


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