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The Power Of Tears

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

I have heard many people from time to time say it is not manly to shed tears. Some even see it as a taboo to express their deep feeling through tears. Water droppings from the eyes known as tears may come as a result of different feelings and dispositions. Some shed tears in moment of joy while some in moment of agony, sorrows or pains. While some shed in tears in moment of deep worship or when touched deeply by the Holy Spirit and at another time maybe when embarrassed, scolded, nervous or harassed.

Tears when it is brought forth for whatever reason attracts attention in whatever quarter it comes from either young or old. We shall be considering tears that touch the heart of God.

Beloved, I want you to know first and foremost that it is not unmanly to shed tears as some consider it to be, because at time it is a reflection of a deep inward expression which when directly positively brings a result that cannot be quantified. I am not talking of manipulative tears or crocodile tears, which is only from the surface and has no root in depth of feelings. What I am talking about is the tears, which comes from deep within hidden in the depth of the soul, which touches the heart of God. Many times we are pushed to a point in prayers when we are moved to tears, please beloved don’t hold back such tears, it is a deep cry from the soul which ultimately touches God and brings results. Remember the story of Hannah, she desired to have a child from the Lord but the bible recalls that the Lord had closed her womb and her rival also provoked her severely, to make her miserable because the Lord closed her womb. 2 Sam 1:5b-6. Friends, if your enemies shut your womb, no need to worry much because it is only for a shut time, as soon as you are able to fight it out in the spirit you are sure of victory and above all you have a God that can reverse the workings of the enemies when you call unto him in Spirit and truth. But if God shut a person’s womb, there is no person in heaven and earth that can reverse it. Hannah’s womb was shut but she prayed, and wept to God, God saw those tears from the depth of her soul and changed the course of her story, she did not only have a man child, she had a child who was highly significant in the land of Israel, in person of Samuel the prophet. Hannah shed tears from her soul and heaven moved on her behalf. Remember the story of Lazarus after his death, Jesus got to the scene and met people mourning him. He was really moved because Lazarus was his friend. Jesus wept and shed tears and the end of the story the situation was changed. Lazarus came back to Life. There is great power released when one is moved to the point of sincere tears in the present of the Lord. I am not advocating that you begin to cry anytime you are in His presence, please get me right, but what I am saying is that if you are moved to the point of tears in God’s presence, don’t hold back for this leads to a change in such situations. Moreover, we are as babies in His presence for He is the Ancient of Days; a day before the Lord is like a thousand years to man, invariably, no man has ever lived a full day of God.

The sinful woman in Luke 7:36-50 had her story changed forever when she met with Jesus in the house of the Pharisees. She wept sincerely for her sins in the open and used her tears to wash the feet Jesus and her hair to clean His feet then finally broke an expensive Alabaster flask of fragrant oil to anoint Him. The last word Jesus said to her was ‘Go in peace’ Luke 7:50a. A sinner to go in peace? Yes that is the power of what tears can do.

Peter’s soul was saved after He realized that he had missed it- betraying Jesus, however he had a deep sorrows which led to him shedding tears thereafter strength came to him from heaven and he was able to strengthen others in the faith Luke 7:38.

Beloved, when tears comes naturally from deep within the innermost soul either in the presences of God or prayers before God, please don’t hold back for there is great power being release to effect positive changes that can not be quantified human term it is not unmanly, neither it is a weakness in fact it is a reflection of a tender heart before the Lord for no matter how old we may be, we are as babies before the Lord. So express it if need be reach out to Him for He cares Ps126: 9- they that sows in tears shall reap in joy. He sees every little tear that you cry; He understands He is really there for you. Shalom.

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