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Conquer Yourself II

Blessed be God forevermore. Its great coming your way again today to share God’s living word. I believe this new week shall be outstanding in your life in Jesus precious name. We commenced teaching on the above referral topic – “Conquer Yourself” last week and by His grace we shall conclude today.

We highlighted on three different characters or individuals who could not conquer one part or the other lives. We reviewed Nebuchadnezzar, and Herod, both of them being Kings who could not handle the success God did through them but went ahead to touch the Glory of God and they both had themselves to blame. Thirdly, was the man called Samson who could not handle the issue of strange women in his life hence had to pay the costly price with his own life. He died before his time. These three people could not conquer themselves in various aspects.

Beloved we shall go on further today by looking at the man called Judas. Judas was one of the disciples of Jesus chosen after He has prayed and fasted forty days and forty nights. Judas, I believe was not destined to betray his Lord, Master and Saviour, it could have been anyone else maybe among the disciple or their close associates, but because he was unable to conquer himself when it came to money matters, he allowed himself to be used. He became an instrument in the hand of the devil. Please note that any area of your life you refuse to conquer and bring under subjection will eventually become your undoing. Could it be your emotion that you find difficult to tame and bring under subjection? Then it may be a time-bomb that will explode sometime soon. Please, beloved do not explain out what is not right in your life under the pretence that it is your weakness which you must learn to leave with it. It must be conquered now. It must be judged immediately for if we judge ourselves we shall not be judged. At every point in time, we must not allow our emotion to dictate to us but we must dictate and modify our emotions in line with God’s word. We must be Word directed and not directed by emotion. Don’t excuse that anger in your life. Moses could not conquer anger in his life hence it stood there as a time-bomb looking for an opportune time to explode and that was his greatest undoing; it prevented him to entering the Promised Land. He saw it afar off but was not permitted enter. What a disaster!

Notwithstanding, we also have people who have conquered themselves and stand as example for us to emulate. Joseph the child of Jacob’s old age lived and conquered himself hence he was able to live above board. His brothers hated him for his great dreams and sold him to a strange land, yet when they met again several years after when he had the opportunity to take revenge on them and no one would question him, he refused because he had conquered himself. Hence he became the instrument God used to preserve his covenant people. When he was called by his master’s wife to sleep with her when no one was looking, he refused even though at that time he could have found himself in the good books of his master’s wife. However because he had conquered himself he refused. Please note that if he had agreed, he would not have found himself in prison to meet the king’s steward who was able to introduce him to the King when the fullness of time came. He probable would have become a local champion in the house of Potiphar and one day, he will be caught but because he had conquered himself he was able to reach his goal.

Samuel lived a conquered life and his testimony was that they could not find anything to fault him. Same went for Joshua; He lived a conquered life to a point that no one was able to fault him. Beloved, always note that when anything goes wrong as it relates to you, you are not to blame anybody but you are to look inward. Stop shifting blames at others, but correct yourself and you will realize that others will fall in line. Don’t spare that anger in you, it’s not part of you but one of the things the devil came to plant in your life without your knowledge. I have good news for you the word says every tree that my Father has not planted shall be uprooted. Summarily, it means don’t spare it but conquer it. Bitterness, liars, immoral thought and immoral way of life to mention but a few are all to be conquered. For greater is He that is in you than He that is in the world. You are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus. Take your rightful position in Christ and establish your victory and you will realize who you really are. Please conquer yourself beloved. Shalom

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