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Do you want to be a more loving and understanding parent and be able to raise Godly and impactful children?

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Marriage harmony

Do you need one on one counselling?


Where are you in your marriage?


Where do you want it to be in 1 year?


Do you want to talk about it?

Days for counselling.

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A place to share, listen, make amends and reconnect.

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Career growth - Working with a demanding Boss can affect your career negatively if you don't know how to manage him and still get ahead. Also, even with a great Boss, you need to build a favourable professional relationship with him/her to help you in your career growth pursuit.

Do you know how?

We have scheduled seminars to help you in building career growth relationships…

Do you want to know when the next seminar is held?

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1.  Financial growth - Financial stability and growth are at the centre of all relationships. Families, where this is missing are often time in a crisis.

2. Spiritual growth - Spirituality connects everything, and it determines the direction of our lives and our relationships.

3.  Social Relevance is almost inert in humans; after they've succeeded in some areas of life, they seek social relevance next.


Have you gotten to the point where you want to impact your community?

Where do you start building the needed relationships that will help you get social relevance?

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